Of course, by far the best way to avoid the hangover is to not drink alcohol at all. We all believe that alcohol does not fit in any way with a healthy lifestyle. The following blog is intended for all readers who want some tips on how to combat the hangover of those days.

We must admit that there are still moments in life that will bring alcohol to our table next to a very good BBQ, next to a wedding day or a holiday, etc.

Tip # 1 Eat well before drinking

Isn’t it better when you have food in your stomach? The absorption of alcohol in the blood happens much more difficult if our stomach is full. This gives the liver a much better chance of getting rid of alcohol 🙂

Before drinking, eat foods high in fat and proteins, they stay longer in the stomach and delay the absorption of alcohol into the blood, and in terms of concentration the alcohol grows much slower.

Tip # 2 Drink plenty of water

I recommend a glass of water after each alcoholic beverage. Water ensures that our body does not dehydrate and the blood remains thin. Good to know: This is how you prevent headaches.

Do not drink everything you find on the table, better stay with a type of drink.

Tip # 3 Vitamins and Minerals

Alcohol is in a continuous war with the vitamins and minerals in your body. This means that the body gets tired much faster and a hangover occurs.

To support the liver, a product that has the composition of vitamins B, C and/or magnesium complex can be used to prevent the fight the next morning.

If you want to know more about vitamins and minerals look here, a dedicated blog.

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Tip # 4 Fresh air

After a long night, fresh air is a must. When you get home, ventilate the entire bedroom well before bed. Oxygen helps the body to regenerate. This also significantly reduces the risk of headaches.

Tip # 5 Peppermint oil

It helps against a hangover but also headaches. What should you do? Simply throw a few drops of peppermint essential oil on your hands and massage your forehead, neck, and temples. Believe me, this will not only relax, but it will also bring you very fresh thoughts.

Tip # 6 Take a shower

With a hot shower, you can do wonders and with your favorite shower gel, your body will love you even more.

To help the body even more, at the end of the shower, put on the cold and start with your feet slightly, thus helping to get the body rolling and the and he will eliminate toxins faster.

Tip # 7 Breakfast against the hangover

There are a variety of preparations that can attack the hangover sensation such as oatmeal. They help to ensure a normal blood glucose level.

You can make a porridge of oatmeal with which fruit you like and that will be your miracle meal. If you are not sure what helps you better I recommend a banana, melon, or kiwi.

If we are still at this point I mention that there are many benefits here, coconut water brings a significant supply of vitamins B, C, and minerals such as potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese which helps the muscles to relax but also to fight stress.


Headaches, nausea, and dizziness are symptoms of a hangover. In principle, they occur when the body goes into battle and tries to destroy at the cellular level the alcoholic poison called: beer, wine, wine and beer, a beer with tequila, “local brandy”, an energy drink with whiskey, etc.

If you want to prevent such situations I recommend that you drink alcohol with moderation, do not mix it and only limit yourself to one type of drink. And don’t forget to drink water !! It is also advisable to have a high-fat meal before you start drinking.

The hangover appeared? Follow the tips and you will have a much better chance to fight it.

Ginger tea is all you need, fresh. It’s good to know if you drink a couple of tea before bedtime it can save you for the next day.

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