The aloe vera plant was found about 6,000 years ago by the Egyptians. Because of its medicinal properties, they called it “the plant of immortality.” Today, aloe vera is still widely used worldwide. It would contribute to both inner and outer beauty. It is used, among other things, for its restorative effect, against blemishes on the skin or to soothe and soften the skin. 

The gel of the aloe vera plant would also help to soothe burns because it would have a cooling effect. But there are several unique properties that make the aloe vera plant so special. In this article you can read more about it and discover how you can best use the plant.

Composition of the aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe vera plant is a non-toxic, succulent plant that stores water in the fleshy leaves, making it able to survive in areas of low rainfall. The aloe vera plant consists of about 99 to 99.5% water. The other part of the plant contains all effective substances. Think of vitamins, minerals, sugars, enzymes, antioxidants and fatty acids. Together, these substances form the aloe vera gel.

So when people use aloe vera, they are talking about the gel with effective substances. This will appear when you cut one of the thick blades in half. It is better not to use the yellow juice (latex) under the leaf surface, which can irritate the skin.

Aloe vera gel can be used both internally and externally. It is drunk internally as a gel or juice and externally it can be used as a gel, cream or lotion.

All about beauty…

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We all want to be the most beautiful in the country and in the 21st century, it is only natural to give nature a helping hand. But sometimes the solutions lie precisely in nature. The aloe vera plant gel is one of the remedies that could contribute to external beauty.

Aloe vera for your skin

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You don’t become the most beautiful in the country with bad breath. Bad breath can be very annoying, but fortunately, aloe vera could help with this. The advice is to mix 50 ml of aloe vera gel with 100 ml of water. That way, aloe vera works great as a mouthwash! It is also an option to brush teeth with aloe vera toothpaste. It is very suitable for people with sensitive gums and immediately provides fresh breath.

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Aloe vera for your hair

Aloe vera can also be used as a hair care product. A shampoo or soap is very easy to make yourself! Mix 1 tbsp aloe vera gel with 5 ml glycerine, 60 ml liquid castile soap, 1 ml vegetable oil and 1 500 mg aspirin. Ideal for your hair care.

Beauty comes from within

Nevertheless, real beauty comes from within and aloe vera can contribute to that too. Below are some examples.

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Strengthening the immune system

The immune system is supported by the amount of minerals and the presence of vitamin C in Forever Aloe Vera Gel . As a result, the body is better protected against bacteria and viruses. You are then less susceptible to, for example, the flu or a cold.

Care from the inside

In addition, toxins can cause acidification in the body and dull skin. By drinking an aloe vera drink, which is rich in vitamin C, you take care of the skin from the inside. And vitamin C is also cell-protective!

Stimulant for the metabolism

Aloe Vera contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels *. A good glucose metabolism in turn ensures that the energy balance is balanced and that calories could be burned faster. By drinking aloe vera gel you can kill several birds with one stone!

Fresh and fruity at home

In addition to the benefits for appearance and inner constitution, NASA’s Clean Air Study shows that aloe vera has air-purifying properties. The plant is said to have a particular talent for including formaldehyde and benzene, substances in some cleaning products, paint, glue and textiles. These will not occur in dramatic quantities indoors, but still: every little bit helps. And besides, an aloe vera plant is more fun to look at than an electric air purifier.

Apply and drink safe aloe vera

The non-profit organization International Aloe Science Council (IASC) has developed a quality label. She has been conducting research into the healing properties of aloe vera for more than twenty years and also controls plantations and manufacturers of aloe vera products. Is the IASC logo on a tube or jar? Then you can assume that it is all right.

The aloe vera products from Forever Living Products all bear the IASC quality mark and are therefore extremely safe to purchase and use.


Aloe vera is therefore used for both inner and outer beauty, it also has a calming effect and functions as an air purifier in the living room! All good reasons to use aloe vera!

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