Did you know that having a cardholder it may be the future? In this blog, we will see it is worth buying a cardholder or a wallet!


What is important to you? I can complete and honestly say that I didn’t use my wallet for more than 3 months now. It’s just simply inconvenient. I’m living in the Netherlands – Amsterdam and here everything works on cards and of course cash – but I don’t necessarily use it. I have a debit card, I have a credit card, I have my driving license card, I have my Albert Heijn discount card and several other cards that simply are important to my job. In short, you may be in a situation where almost everything is being done with a card. Oh… I forgot my NS card ( that means the card that I’m traveling by train) is also a card, actually a very fancy one. So that’s why I decided that the best way to save space and actually have all with me is a cardholder so I bought one.

Of course, you should by one! Click here!

I’ve used wallets for many, many years – but growing up, and having different jobs with more responsibility that wallet is getting thicker and thicker – because is so annoying to be in a suit at a party and of course a very nice suit and something in your pockets that is very big and with keys make it very difficult to feel comfortable. I didn’t like it at all.

Now, I have a cardholder – I have everything in there that matters. Exists on the market also options for cardholders where you can put several euros/dollars bills and 1-2 coins.

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Cardholders on aliexpress!

My cardholder was bought from aliexpress – and I want to tell you what you find there!

A simple, cheap solution to look fantastic but also saving space if you use a lot of cards is the one that I ordered and received is called New Cardholder Credit Cardholder New Metal ID Card Holder Anti Rfid Wallet Business Card Holder Wallet For Credit Cards Case 002 such a long name – but powerful. It fits 6 cards and you can buy it in many colors for 1 dollar more you can have also a button.

For a budget, the cardholder does the job because it only cost me 6 dollars including shipping, that’s amazing in my opinion.

This are the specs for the cardholder:

  • Item Type: Card & ID Holders
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Main Material: PU
  • Use: Credit Card
  • Style: Business
  • Pattern Type: Solid
  • Closure Type: No Zipper
  • Shape: Box
  • Material Composition: PU+metal
  • Weight: 70
  • Width: 6.7
  • Length: 10
  • Brand Name: FOROCH

Shipping & Style

Arrived fast and in a good package therefor I’m really satisfied with the shipping methods. The people that bought the same product as I explain in the review of the product the same aspects on price, quality, and shipment that beeing excelent.

Buy the card! Click here!

I like to see how this world progresses but from what I’ve seen we will pay with card on everything, on every machine. I already do that. It’s a matter of time how fast the other countries will follow up on the example that I just said in Holland.

I’ve talked to little on the stylish effect that a nice cardholder has – but in the end, it is your choice and your decision about what is actually is more important for you.

Choose something that you like and worth the money! I like to be comfortable when I walk, there for a cardholder.

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