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Show your charm & elegance with the Electric shaving Nose. Who doesn’t want to look good?

What if you will get a cheap product that solves a huge problem? Today I want to talk about XPREEN Fashion Electric Shaving. This product has, of course, washable and removable cutter heads.

It’s a simple design – extra thin-body and made of high ABS plastic body it comes with a dustproof cover becomes a multi-purpose simple electrical machine for nose hair, ear hair, eyebrow.

How to use:

 1. Open the battery compartment at the bottom and put it into one AA battery.

2. Power on the trimmer and the cutter head starts to turn at a high speed.

3. Put the trimmer close to your nose and start the trimming.

4. When finished, take off the cutter head and clean it with the supplied brush. Or, you can directly wash it with running water.

5. Dry the cutter head and trimmer body with a piece of towel.

Package included:

 1. XPREEN® Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer 

2. Brush*1

3. User manual*1

It’s super important to know that this product DOES NOT PULL THE HAIR OUT!

Product features and customer reviews

Xpreen Fashion Electric Shaving Trimmer – it’s a multi-purpose machine for nose hair, eyebrow hair, ear hair, and beard. The angle of 60° matches any movement a charm.

It’s a safe device with no pulling and scratching – at 10000 rpm helped by a powerful motor, it’s working silently. High-end materials that the trimmer is made will make the product durable for long term use more than that it’s lightweight and portable.



The cutter head is washable, but body not. 

2. The battery is not included. If necessary, please buy it separately.

3. Please take off the cutter head when you are not going to use it for a long time.

4. Do not place it in a wet or high-temperature environment. 

5. Adult only (or Please keep it away from children) 

This product received all stars rating for 248 buyers with comments on the seller for the great and fast delivery but also for the product that for the price is amazing. Click here to read more reviews!

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