You can make your drink great by using an ice cubs skull. This blog will show you how!

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The internet is full of items that are super interesting. Recently I discovered this mold for making ice cubes name Creative Home 4-Dimensional Skull Ice Tray. What do you like to drink with ice? Let your imagination wander because now you will have a new item that will impress your audience and your friends.

This mold is a party one because it is a baking one that being said you can make skull forms for biscuits, puddings, cakes, mousse, jellies, prepared foods, chocolates, etc. can be used.

It’s simple to use and my favorite part is the fact that you can make ice cubes in a skull shape that I can add in my favorite drink.

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Ice cubs skull product description and customer review

The product comes with a tray of 4 so you can make 4 skulls and they have around 5 cm in height. The material is silicone and the color comes dark. It will arrive at your address in one single package.

Skull shaped 3d ice cubes

The reviews are 63 with 87% giving a 5 star! That’s super cool. All the people that orders explain the fact that the product was nicely packed and arrived relatively quickly and it looks perfect and what is in the picture this is also what they received. And of course, the WOW- FACTOR when the skull is ready is also amazing.

Read what customers said here.

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