Distraction lurks anywhere, anytime. Social media, TV, the Internet and – last but not least – work – are fighting for your attention. Studies show that our tension arc is getting shorter and shorter; digitization is the main culprit. This is a blog that will give you couple of tips on how to find your focus!

People who work at home now, but normally at the office, check their mailbox on average no less than 30 times an hour and check their mobile phone about 1500 times a week. The battle for attention comes from all sides and this is a risk to your productivity. Fortunately, all that distraction doesn’t have to stop you from getting the best out of yourself every day. A few small changes can help you stay sharp, energized and focused.

Sufficient exercise pays off

Studies show that being active and staying active is not only good for your body. Adequate exercise also helps keep your mind sharp. According to the American journal Neurology, this is especially important as you age. Making 20 minutes free every day for physical exertion can help you stay focused all day long.

Eat more healthy fats

Foods like avocados and nuts contain healthy fats that are proven to support your cognitive function. They are a natural source of lutein, an essential nutrient for your eyes that also strengthens your mind, memory and tension.

Make a things to do list by hand

Writing down important tasks by hand helps your brain to ‘reset’ and find focus. Try putting the most important things on your to-do list with a pen on paper and keep track of how long it takes you to complete them. Imposing a time span on yourself increases the urgency of tasks and helps you focus on the most important ones.

Disable unnecessary notifications on your mobile

Phone calls and text messages are distracting enough in themselves. Add to that the notifications of social media platforms, group chats and other channels, and you expose yourself (unintentionally) to distraction all day long. Do you want to keep your attention at work? Check the settings on your mobile and temporarily disable notifications.

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Get enough sleep

As far as your professional life is concerned, it is easy to associate success with long working days in which you tick off as many points as possible off your to-do list. However, studies show that the people who get the most out of a workday are the ones who sleep eight hours at night. Abstaining from too much sleep can negatively affect your attention and memory.

Stay sharp

Everyone gets distracted and taking good care of your cognitive ability is important for young and old. When your productivity is at risk, it’s a good idea to give yourself a boost. This is possible with Forever Focus ™  : a dietary supplement to stay sharp. It is suitable for students, athletes, working and active seniors.

Forever Focus ™ includes Cognizin®, a clinically researched form of citicoline, an important nutrient for the brain. In addition to Cognizin, the formula also contains Guarana, Rose Root, Ginko and Bacopa Monnieri. These substances probably have a positive effect on your cognitive functions, European research is currently being carried out to determine these effects definitively.

Forever Focus ™ also contains pantothenic acid, which supports during busy work and stress situations and gives extra energy in case of fatigue. Vitamin B6 contributes to learning performance and is good for concentration. This makes Forever Focus ™ a supplement for anyone who wants to stay sharp in everyday life. It helps you focus on the most important tasks and take charge of your day. Do your mind a favor and make this supplement part of your daily diet!

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