Hello! My name is Danut and today I tell you a little about what an online business is, the advantages of such a business, and why you should at least think in this direction regardless of age.

Why an online business?

The exponential growth of the internet has brought about the rapid growth of opportunities for online companies. Customers who once had to fly to a shop or organizations to order merchandise and/or services will now complete purchases from the convenience of their homes or workplaces.

For start-ups, an internet business also offers a variety of advantages over a more traditional business model.

The advantages of an online business

There are many advantages when talking about an online business. We will list some of them as I think they are relevant but also some that (from my opinion) are worth mentioning.

Global Access, 24 times a day, 7 days a week

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No matter where you are in this world, you can control your online activity in a very secure way.

Flexibility of an online business

You will appreciate a lot of versatility with a company on the internet. The internet is open non-stop, so you can easily build a work schedule for yourself.

Part-time work or a full-time job will also give you the chance to launch an online company and keep your current job running.
You would have the freedom to operate anywhere you have access to the Internet if you own a laptop.


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Everyone simply has in their mind savings. The customer and the service provider. Here we are also talking about time savings. 🙂

Professionalism. Year 2021 – are you an online presence or not? This is what matters!

Less paper used.

Less headaches

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An online company cuts or reduces much of the operating costs associated with a brick and mortar company.

When you can work from a home office or even a kitchen table, there is no need to purchase a house or rent office space. A computer with an Internet connection is what you need to get started in several circumstances.

The Future

Bear in mind that the industry is continually shifting and evolving, as well as the number of instruments available online. While as soon as you begin operating, you do not wish to have a website, it is always a smart idea to think about what you will use one later and what you will need it for.

For the first time, think about a website! What name would you like to be exclusive, useful, and loyal to your brand?

I recommend you to talk to the guys from HostRiver with them you can already start a simple and easy website specialized in WordPress with assistance in Romanian and English.

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They are very, very kind and quick to help you or get you out of any problem that appears on your website!


Probably the best personal development book! 10X Rule: The only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone.

The 10x Rule is a great book that I would recommend to everyone. In order to be above average or successful, the book talks about things you must do. It speaks, for example, about the 4 stages of operation.

Doing nothing, fleeing, regular activity, and major action are certain stages. The book also teaches us that whatever we plan to do, we can take control of our lives and not only contend but conquer. Go all in and be successful. I will highly recommend this book to everyone since this book will transform your whole life attitude.

Buy a Laptop for an Online Business

All you have to do is think about what you want to use your laptop for and then analyze the offers available base on the technical specifications, design and important information you can find in the reviews!

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