Smartwatch that can be bought online with 5$ that has a tremendous amount of potential. Heart rate, blood pressure all with one watch. Cool right?

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I can tell you! I hear many, many people that is a waste of money to buy a smartwatch. The way I see it, unfortunately, these guys they simply don’t understand what is the purpose of a smartwatch and what is capable of doing.

Probably who is going to read this blog will read to understand how to buy a cheap smartwatch. But I can tell, really there is also a different category that is interested in this particular article as an article, nothing more. What I will go do – is presenting what a smartwatch has, what his capabilities are and if it fits your lifestyle.

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What I bought recently is a smartwatch form AlieExpress that cost me 5$. The name is so super crazy but this is the one:
M3 Plus Smart Bracelet Heart Rate Blood Pressure Health Waterproof Smart Watch M3 Pro Bluetooth Watch Wristband Fitness Tracker Customer reviews are simply outstanding also! Check that here!

Advantages of Having a Smartwatch

  1. Essentially you have a travel partner with you. Some of the smartwatches can deliver vibration to the wrist for attention or like I use as a reminder for a particular break of the employees.
  2. A smartwatch will not tell only the time. It’s so much more than that. Let’s just say you need to find your phone? Guess what having a smartwatch will definitely accomplish this endeavor.
  3. Fitness couch! Yes. People are doing exercise, running, get things done all day, counting their steps and a lot more. This is training. These are statistics because a smartwatch can generate a lot of data regarding heart rate and blood pressure.
  4. Social Media and Phone connectivity. All your social media updates, all your e-mails or calls can be controlled via your smartwatch. Simple right? All that at one click connectivity via Bluetooth.
  5. Many manufacturers, low prices. Because the competition is pretty high this sector actually has very low prices. Check some of them here.


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