There are new times and I thought it’s the best time to write and be productive in those moments of isolation and quarantine so this blog is about #stayhome and #staysafe but more then that is about tips to be positive and productive.

New times… Tips for #stayhome

#Stayhome – It is a hashtag that nowadays is practically related to an entire planet. We all need to adapt fairly quickly to the new reality. Our lives have changed at an alarming rate in recent weeks and months depending on your country.

Now in society many of us are at home, some of us have moved our jobs online, and others lost theirs and technically are unemployed. It’s a little sad but it’s normal for us to be a little upset and low on power and probably pessimistic about the future, but is not normal for you to stay in this state.

The good news is that YOU are responsible for your own mood. With a positive state, I guarantee that you are much more in control, you have more focus and productivity in all the activities you want to carry out.

Indeed, at home it is by the definition a different state of being, you have a mother there, a grandmother or a grandfather, maybe small children…you say to yourself, how could you work from home? how can I maintain my positive energy? There are so many responsibilities and bills to pay. Unfortunately I can’t help with all your problems but I can give some tips that might help ease the situation.

Think about your new daily routine

Tip no. 1 – Before you start any plan – start with your favorite non-alcoholic beverage

As I have been saying for some time, our lives have changed and it is possible to notice a certain disruption of our daily routine.

Think about how you can adapt and create new healthy habis and what you need to do in order to set new goals or achive the current one, dispite the quarantine.

It may be helpful to write a plan for that day or week. If you work from home, try to have the same schedule (as much as possible) such as waking up at the same time and having the same hours of work.

Keep your mind active – Tips #stayhome

Tip no. 2 – Find new ways to make money!

Read, write, play games, crossword puzzles, complete sudoku puzzles, or try to draw and paint. Whatever it is, find something that works for you.

I recommend The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone, a phenomenal book but with a revolutionary thinking system, if you are passionate about personal development.

Keep doing things you enjoy

Tip no. 3 – Pay for a Netflix subscription

If you feel worried or lonely, you may have stopped doing the things you normally liked.

Make an effort to focus on your favorite hobby, if there is anything you can still do at home. If not, choose something new.

There are plenty of free tutorials and courses online, and people offer inventive ways to do interesting things. Or…

… Learn a foreign language with the help of a real person, not a robot, a real person like me, like you. Here is a very nice website for every pocket.

Don’t stick to the news

Tip no. 4 – Access the good news website!

Try to limit the time you spend watching, reading or listening to the manifestation of this virus, including on social media and think about disabling news alerts on your phone.

We all understand that this virus is dangerous, that a lot of people lost their life but there’s also good news, that over 700.000 people have won the battle with the COVID 19. Below we have some numbers in this regard.

Use reliable sources - such as WHO or the website - and check information from the news, social media or other people.

Take care of your body

Tip No. 5. – Take care of your immune sistem! Click here!

Our physical health has a significant impact on how we feel. In times like these, it can be easy to fall into some unhealthy traps and then end up feeling worse.

Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water and exercise regularly. Avoid smoking or drugs of anykind and try not to drink to much alcohol.

Stay connected with others

Tip no. 6 – Send a message to anyone you haven’t had contact with lately and ask if it’s okay right now

Maintaining healthy relationships with the people you trust is important to your mental health. Think about how you can keep friends and family in touch while you are all at home. You can make a new Facebook group only with your friends or a WhatsApp chat.

Now I stay at home and how do I make money?

Tip no. 7 – Try the network marketing field! Click here!

You may worry about work and money while you have to stay home – these problems can have a big effect on your mental health.

If you haven’t already, talk to your employer about how you could work from home, even if there will be different hours or differences on how much money you will make. Also in this configuration, inquire about your benefits such as medical leave or certain benefits in case of risk.

Do you speak a foreign language at an advanced level? Then get ready to become an online teacher and get paid for it even if you are not an accredited teacher! Look here! (Of course, you definitely can learn foreign people all over the world English!)

The italky platform provides this for you! Check the guys out!

Signup up for italki! Click here!

It is never too late to learn new things. We live in a digital age that forces us whether we want to work in this field or not. There are many tutorials on the internet on how you can open a blog and monetize it. Start a blog ( like me) and share your expertise and trust me, you have something! On your blog start and recommend things that you like and be an affiliate marketer! Here is a program that you can work with!

Be interested in the field of multi level marketing (or MLM). There business systems have proven to last for decades no matter what happens with the economy.

I’m working with Forever Living Products and you can help your friend to be healthy and with more money. If you need any help in how to start let me now via the contact form!

Personal Development – Tips on what to read #stayhome

Tip no. 8 – Read a personal development book! Here are some offers! Click here!

Extremly good book and is only $5 on Amazon!

The list can go on, but I think you got the point! You are a very smart reader! 🙂

Personal development is a lifelong process. It is a way in which people can acquire skills and qualities but can also evaluate them. All this helps to set goals in life and achieve them successfully, in other words we maximize the potential we already have.

No matter how old you are, no matter what profession you have, a very good advice is to develop yourself personally in the firld of reference, be it medical, banking, wellness or social media marketer, chef, or simply to accumulate knowledge.

Personal development brings a much better sense of control of your life. It doesn’t matter what situation you are in or the financial crisis.

There are several steps you should follow but the first one, from my point of view, is to get your hand on a book!

I hope thise tips for #stayhome situation helped! 🙂 Let me know in the comments section!

source: Danut Bontas Instagram


niloshing · April 24, 2020 at 1:13 am

This is a great list to keep mood high during self quarantine times or lockdowns!
Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    myforevernaturals · April 25, 2020 at 11:50 am

    Hey! Thanks for your support! 🙂

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